Sagging, Twisting Belts Are The Biggest Problem For People Like You Who Carry A Firearm...

Watch What Other Belts Look Like Vs The AMRAP Tactical Gun Belt
You have a lot of choices for gun belts. The problem we found is a LOT of the "double ply" belts didn't hold up to the support we needed...  So we decided to build a TOUGH carry belt for you that eliminated the problems of sagging, twisting and garbage belt buckles.
AMRAP Tactical Belt
What Are The Critical Needs In A Gun Belt?
This belt is designed for the user who chooses to protect the lives around them and provides them with the ultimate safety measures. If you choose to carry, your belt must have some critical features. These features consist of:

Proper Latching Of The Holster-
If you use a holster with a belt clip you know the importance of having a thick belt so that clips on correctly. If you use one of these on a thin belt it can easily slide off when you move around, sit and stand from a chair and so on...

Total Confidence In The Buckle- You need to KNOW that the buckle will NEVER open on it's own. Think what would happen if you were in a defensive move and the buckle suddenly broke and gave out. How could you defend yourself with a belt that's wide open?

Comfort-  By having a belt that can support the weight you put on it, it'll sit better on your hips and not pull down causing that annoying "carry swag" as we call it. This will rest and hold it's weight and position without pulling down on your pants causing you discomfort.
How Do I know If This Belt Is For Me?
If you answer yes to these questions, it's built for you.

Here are the questions you need to ask. If you say NO to any of these this belt might NOT be for you...

1.  Do You Carry A Firearm With A Hip Holster Either Inside Or Outsize The Waist Band?

2.  Do you utilize 1.5" Belt Clips For Your Holsters? (Standard size)

3.  Is your waist size less than 44"?

If you answered yes to the above this belt will fit perfectly into your daily carry routine.

Take A Peek Inside...
The Features
Don't Just Take Our Word For It...
See What Others Have Said About Their Experience!

Verified Buyer

"Subtle enough that I don't have to worry about frightening the general population, and comfortable enough to wear every day even when not carrying. Also, doesn't sag--not even a little. It's now my favorite belt. I'll probably order another one for when I carry IWB vs OWB so I don't have to make any adjustments to how tight it is. Totally worth the money."

Jared H.
Verified Buyer

"First of all this is a very high quality belt! This is a perfect belt for concealed carrying, a battle belt or even just daily use. The belt is stiff but comfortable. It’s extremely easy to adjust and the cobra clasp is awesome! If you are looking for a awesome all around tactical belt, search no further. This is the one!"

John D.
Verified Buyer

"I like the fact it is easy to through belt loops. It adjusts very easy and is very secure. It can support alot of weight and not feel like it, I really like this belt and quick secure buckle, well made."

what if Your Current Belt Failed?
More Details that make this so much better than the other belts...
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